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MGC - Gorilla (indoor) - 3G
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MGC - Gorilla (indoor) - 3G

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Some would have glimpsed it in Holy Communion, others did not expect it. Here is a resolutely avant-garde CBD flower.

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Some would have glimpsed it in Holy Communion, others did not expect it. Here is a resolutely avant-garde CBD flower. Indeed, this first approach is so close to its high THC counterpart Gorilla-Glue. It is a real addition to our indoor range since it has absolutely nothing in common with any of our flowers. It is the result of a cross between totally different Sativa L. cannabis plants. Intense, colorful, crystalline and dense. It seems to combine all the qualities of a future “best-seller” in its category.

For those who love discovery and who are not afraid to step out of their comfort zone, Gorilla will meet your adventure needs. Hang on, he's pissed!

Specificities & Content
  pouch of  3 grams indoor
Strain Lipko x GGlue x SatL.
finishing hands

Product extracted from cannabis Sativa L.
100% without pesticides or additives!

THC/CBD Ratio 1:39
-0.2% THC Certified

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