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Sparking Lemon 60ml - Candy Pops


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Liquidi Candy Pops Sparking Lemon 60ml

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Sparkling Lemon liquidi di Candy Pops è una squisita miscela di limone rinfrescante e lime frizzante. Un liquidi fresco e intenso in 50PG e 50VG. Vape Shakes 60ml con un ripetitore Nic Up in 0 e 3 mg

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Candy Pops Sparking Lemon 60ml E-liquid

An exquisite blend of refreshing carbonated lemon and lime surprising your taste buds with sharp flavor! Vape Shakes 60ml multilingual (FR, EN, BE, DE, NL, IT, ES) and Nic UP included.


Candy Pops is made in California with the typically American tastes : sweet and refined. Designed for lollipops and candies lovers, e-liquid Candy Pops will delight the most demanding palates.
Promo e-liquid: enjoy large formats 60ml to save money!


Composition of E-liquid Candy Pops Sparkling Lemon 60ml:
Propylene Glycol: 50%
Vegetable Glycerin: 50%


Nicotine available (mg / ml): 0, 3


The labels on the e-liquid bottle are multilingual (FR, EN, BE, DE, NL, IT, ES). Sold with a Vape Shake 0mg e-liquid bottle over-dosed in flavors and Nic Up 10 ml in 0 or 18 mg / ml of nicotine to obtain a final product in 60 ml at 0 or 3 mg / ml of nicotine.


How to add a dose of nicotine to your e-liquid?
Pour your Nic Up * booster into the 50ml e-liquid bottle, shake and it's ready to vape!
* The PG / VG dosage of Nic Up has been specially designed for US Vaping flavors.


WARNING : Comply with the precautions of use.


May produce an allergic reaction.

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